Telkom Fixed LTE: Get instant data usage notifications from your Huawei router

Webafrica is currently able to update your Telkom Fixed LTE data usage on a daily basis, in your customer zone. 

Your data usage updates may be up to 48 hours out of date. We are working with Telkom to set up a more accurate tracker. 

For now: 

If you require instant updates on your data usage, you can set up instant notifications to be sent to your router control panel which will let you know when your data usage hits 50%, 80%, 90%, and 100%. 

Setting up notifications for your Data Usage:

Step 1

Log into your router’s control panel (where you set up your Wifi name and password) by opening a browser and typing into the address bar.

Step 2

Click the SMS tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Step 3

Click SMS Settings in the Left Menu. You should be able to see your real-time data usage notifications on this page. 

Step 4 

Click enable and then Apply 

You can come back to this page at any time for up-to-date notifications on your data usage. 

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