Data allocation on Telkom Fixed LTE Packages

Our Telkom LTE Data packages come with Anytime Data and a free Night Surfer Data allocation.


So, if you sign up for a 20GB data package you will receive an additional 10GB every month to use between midnight and 7 AM. 

If you use up all of your Night Surfer Data, your Anytime Data will be used in this time. 

Unused Anytime Data will roll over for 1 calendar month, but your free Night Surfer Data does not roll over. 

You can keep track of your data usage in your customer zone.

How the Telkom LTE Data Packages Work 

On our Telkom LTE packages, you are buying a bundled data package which consists of a doubled up monthly Anytime data allocation and a doubled up Night Surfer data allocation. 

For example: 

If you have the 20GB+10GB package, you are in fact getting a (10GB Inclusive+10GB Bonus) package and a (5GB Inclusive+5GB Bonus) Night Surfer component.

 The “burn-down” or data usage on these packages works as follows: 

1: Bonus Data

2: Inclusive Anytime Bundle (rollover data first, then newly allocated data) 

3: Inclusive Night Surfer Bundle (valid from 12am to 7am)

4: Top-Up Data (if applicable)

Can I Top Up? 

You can top up by visiting your customer zone. 

On our Telkom LTE packages your Anytime data expires 61 days from date of purchase. Bonus data expires 31 days from the purchase date. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Upgrades are free and are scheduled for the end of the month. You can top-up at any time while you wait for your upgrade. 

Our Telkom LTE service doe not support downgrades. 

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