Changing Tech – How to Switch from ADSL to Fibre or LTE

Telkom is shutting down the copper infrastructure which runs the ADSL network, which means it's time to switch from ADSL to Fibre or switch from ADSL to Fixed LTE. 

The good news is you will upgrade to a faster, more efficient Internet access technology and it comes with some serious benefits. 

The Switch is also probably going to cost you less than you'd expect, and in most cases, nothing at all. 

If you are not an existing Webafrica customer, pop over to our Home Page and let us help you find the best connection at your address.

If you're an existing Webafrica customer you can use our “Changing Tech” service to seamlessly upgrade your internet access.

How to switch: 

  • Log into your customer zone.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see your address with the available internet options at that address below it.

If you do not see your address with your internet options below it that means that we don’t have a valid address on record for you. You should click the button that says “Update it here” to update your address, so that we can keep you up to date with your options.

  • Now simply click on the option to which you would like to upgrade.

You will be taken to the “Changing Tech” page.

  • If you have just started the “Changing tech” process, select the first button.

  • If you want to order a new service, but you also want to keep your existing service (you want to have more than one service at a time) click the second button:

  • You will then be redirected to our main website to check out your options and place an order.

  • If you already ordered your new service, but actually just want an upgrade, not an additional service, select the last button:

  • You will then be asked to confirm the service you would like to replace.
  • Once you have done this we will show you your options at the address we have saved for you. This is so that we can make 100% certain of your address and your options. If we don’t have the right address on record for you, you can update it now.

  • Last of all we will ask you to fill in your details so that we can confirm all your details and process your order.

The advantages of using our “Changing Tech” Process:

•You don’t have to worry about us accidentally double billing you, because our team will be notified that you have changed from one service to another.

•You don’t have to give us the usual one month’s notice, because we can see that you are not leaving us (except on LTE – because LTE regulations state that all customers must give a full month’s notice).

•You won’t be billed any clawback fees for your existing installation / router because we know that you are just moving to an even better Webafrica service. Simply send your existing router back to us and we will replace it with the right one for your new connection.

•You don’t have to worry about going without internet because we will make sure your current service stays active until your new service is up and running.

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