LTE troubleshooting - No Connection

No connection on your LTE? Let's troubleshoot!

The main lights to check for on your LTE router will always be Signal and Mode.

Both of these lights indicate connectivity to the LTE Tower in your area. 

The Mode light should always be Blue and the Signal lights should preferably be on 2-3 signal bars.

On the Huawei B315/525 you'll find the Mode light as per below screenshot and on the Huawei B618 it will be listed on the front with the word mode next to it.

The following troubleshooting process will get you through ALL disconnect instances on an LTE connection.

  1. Restart router
  2. Try moving the router to a spot where you might get better signal, right next to a window is normally a good idea
  3. Switch the router off, remove SIM, switch router back on and pop the SIM back in
  4. If you're confident enough, try resetting your router by holding down the reset button on the back or bottom of your router, keep in mind that you will have to reconnect to your WiFi network and test
  5. Log into your router, check the APN settings and set the Network Mode to Automatic - we'll list the process for logging into your router and changing these settings below
  6. If you've had no luck after this, give us a call on 086 000 9500 or pop us an email on

Here's how to log into your router...

- Firstly, in order to log into your router you'll need to find out what the address to your router is. The easy way to find this is to look for the "Default Gateway" or "Default IP" on the back or bottom of your router.

  The other way to find this information is to open the Command Prompt on your Windows PC(Laptop/Computer). A fast way to launch this window is to press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK

- You'll then be confronted with the following...

- In this block you're going to type in "ipconfig" and press enter on your keyboard, you'll then find the following bit of info of which you'll grab the address next to the words Default Gateway

- The Default Gateway for the Huawei router range is, type/paste this IP address into the web address bar of your browser(Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) and hit Enter

- You'll find the login page asking for a username and password which both would be the word admin and hit the login button

- On the top section of the next page, find the Settings button and click it

- On the left click Dial Up then Profile Management. The only information you will have to save is the APN


  Cell C APN: internet

  Telkom APN: internet

- The Network settings section under Dial Up allows you to save the Prefered Network Mode which by default and should always be on Automatic

-Once you've saved the correct settings, hit the Apply button on the bottom and restart your router.

If this does not help or you need some guidance through the process, give us a call on 086 000 9500 or email us on

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