Updating Your Email Address

You can assign multiple accounts / contact details to your Webafrica Account.

1.  Log in to your Customer Zone

2.  Click on your Profile in the top right hand corner

3.  Choose View/Add a Contact the drop down menu

4.  In the Choose Contact drop down menu you can select a current account to edit, or add a new account.

5.  Edit / add the contact details as required

6.  Click Save Changes.

Adding Multiple Contact details

If you add a Sub-Account, remember to tick the Activate Sub-Account box, this will allow the user to login to your client zone.

1.  You can assign permissions and email preferences for each sub account

To assign permissions, select Activate Sub-Account with Customer Zone access (you will need to assign a secure password for the Sub-Account).

2.  Select the boxes applicable for the sub account

3.  Click Save Changes.

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