Yealink Guide

The Yealink W52P IP Dect phone is a full-featured mobile device, which provides reliable wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications.

The comprehensive guide includes all the important operating steps and the correct handling of the device.

The guide includes:

  • Chapter 1 – Getting Started

This chapter provides basic installation instructions, packaging contents and information for obtaining for best performance.

  • Chapter 2 – Overview

This chapter outlines and identifies the phone itself.

  • Chapter 3 – Basic Operations

This chapter provides you with the basic operating instructions including Handset Registration, Basic Network Settings, Account Registration, Locking/Unlocking Keypad, etc.

  • Chapter 4 – Phone Settings

This chapter provides you with instructions on how to change the settings of your phone.

  • Chapter 5 – Call Features

This chapter outlines operating instructions of the call features including Placing Calls, Call Hold/Resume, Do Not Disturb (DND), Call Forward, Call Transfer, Conference Call, etc.

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