Can I  use my LTE-A SIM card in my Phone?
No.The SIM has been locked and therefore can only be used on our approved routers.

Is LTE a Good Option for Gaming?
Yes, provided you receive a good result from a ping test, you should enjoy a seamless gaming experience. 

What do I do if my speeds are slow?
Firstly test the router in different places within your home, if that doesn’t work plug an ethernet cable (provided) into the LTE-A router and your laptop or computer. Run a speed test. If your speeds remain consistently below 10 Mbps, you may require that an external antenna is placed outside your home to boost the signal (additional R1750). See our full article on how to improve your LTE speeds. 

What is the speed difference between 3G and LTE-A?
LTE-A is up to 10 times faster than 3G with speeds commonly between 20 – 50 Mbps.

How many LTE at Home Services can I order?

You may order up to three per customer.

What speeds can I experience on LTE at Home?
After rigorous testing we’ve seen speeds of between 4 – 50Mbps depending on various factors (proximity to tower, where the router is placed in the home, interference from Mother Nature etc). In general our customers get around 20Mbps.

Can I use this LTE at Home service anywhere?
Going on holiday to Plett? Pack it up and take it with you. LTE at Home works anywhere within the coverage area (remember our coverage map expands weekly, so check back at any time to see if your next destination is covered).

Do I need to RICA my SIM card?
Yes, you need to provide Webafrica with an electronic copy of your ID and proof of address that is less than three months old. Once you have ordered, you will automatically be prompted by email to RICA, the documents can then be uploaded in our Customer Zone.
You will also be required to have a copy of your ID and proof of residence available when your SIM is delivered, and you must sign for it in person.

In what order is my data used after I top up?
On RAIN: Your Top-Up data is valid for 30 days from the purchase date, and will be used before your monthly allocated data.
Your data gets used up in the following order on the RAIN network:
Top Up data (if applicable)
Carried-over allocated data from the previous month (if applicable)
Monthly allocated data

On Cell C: Whichever data has the earliest expiry date will be depleted first.

Does top-up data expire?

Yes, 30 days from purchase.

Does Unused Data roll over?

On RAIN: Yes, with a limit of one month’s roll over.
As of 1 June 2018, if you have not used your entire monthly allocation of data in a calendar month, it will roll over and only expire at the end of the following calendar month. For example, if you have a 55GB package allocated for the period 1 to 30 June, and you have 5GB of your data package remaining, that 5GB will be valid until 31 July at 23:59.
The maximum roll-over period for unused data is one additional calendar month. Following this period, unused data will be forfeited.

On Cell C: No, unfortunately not yet.

How long does it take for my LTE at Home service to activate?
The SIM will automatically activate within 24 hours after delivery if it is inserted in to a LTE at Home router on our approved list.

I have a RAIN LTE service - but when I search your map it says that LTE is not available in my area - why is this?

You may find that LTE doesn't come up as "available" in your area, even though you are already connected here. This is because our map only shows services which are available for you (or any new customer) to sign up for. RAIN is no longer selling their fixed LTE service through ISP's, which means we may not advertise that they are available in an area - even if the service does still work there - because we can't sell it to any new customers. 

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