Can I  use my LTE-A SIM card in my Phone?
No.The SIM has been locked and therefore can only be used on our approved routers.

Is LTE a Good Option for Gaming?
Yes, provided you receive a good result from a ping test, you should enjoy a seamless gaming experience. 

What do I do if my speeds are slow?
Firstly test the router in different places within your home, if that doesn’t work plug an ethernet cable (provided) into the LTE-A router and your laptop or computer. Run a speed test. If your speeds remain consistently below 10 Mbps, you may require that an external antenna is placed outside your home to boost the signal (additional R1750). See our full article on how to improve your LTE speeds. 

What is the speed difference between 3G and LTE-A?
LTE-A is up to 10 times faster than 3G with speeds commonly between 20 – 50 Mbps.

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