ADSL Starters Guide

What is ADSL?
(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a form of technology used in the telecommunication industry. It enables data transmission at faster speeds over copper lines than a conventional dial-up connection does. The reason it’s capable of doing this is because unlike dial-up (analogue), it utilises higher frequencies on the copper line to transmit data.
What do I need to get connected?

  1. Monthly billed Telkom line
  2. ADSL Router – A device that allows your computer to communicate with your ADSL line. You can order an ADSL router here
  3. Micro Filter – A device that splits digital (ADSL) and analogue signal (voice) on your line allowing you to browse the internet while making a telephone call
  4. An ADSL package 
  5. An ADSL line


How do I get an ADSL line?

You will require a monthly-billed Telkom line, this can be ordered through Telkom.
If you have already got an active Telkom line you can call Telkom to activate ADSL on your line or better yet, save yourself time and money and order your ADSL line through Webafrica; We will deal with Telkom and take care of upgrading you to an ADSL line.

What if I have a prepaid line?

Simply contact Telkom and request that they convert your line from a prepaid line to a monthly-billed line.

I`ve got everything I require for my ADSL, now what?

Once your ADSL package has been activated, you will need to setup your router. Refer to our router setup guides.

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