No Internet Access with Flashing Light on Router

The ADSL light on my router is off or flashing and I cannot access the internet.

  • Check that the telephone cable provided with your router is plugged securely into your Telkom master socket and at the back of the router.
  • Check that the telephone cable (RJ11) is directly into the Telkom wall jack from your ADSL router.
  • Check if you can connect the DSL line directly onto your Telkom master socket, bypassing all microfilters and lightning protection units.
  • If you notice any devices that may cause interference (line dropping) on the line, such as a home alarm, and electrical fencing, move the router away from it.


If all the above has been checked and you still experience a flashing/dead ADSL light on your router/modem, please do the following steps below:

  • Log into your Customer Zone and log a support ticket, alternatively you may send an email to if your ADSL line is managed by Web Africa.
  • If your line is not managed by Web Africa you will need to contact Telkom on 10210 or the ISP (Internet Service Provider) where your line is hosted.

Below are two diagrams illustrating the LED indicators and back view found on most common ADSL routers.

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