Router Set-Up

NB: You will need your router’s default IP address

Which of the following are you using?


Press the Windows Key on your keyboard. Type ‘cmd’.

Click on ‘Command Prompt’.

In the black window type ‘ipconfig’.

The Default Gateway number is your router’s IP address. Make a note of this.


Click the “Apple” menu.

Select “System Preferences”.

In the “System Preferences” window, click the “Network” icon.

Select your network connection (Wi-Fi or wired connection) and then click the “Advanced” button.

In the “Network” window, select the “TCP/IP” tab. Your router’s IP address is listed as “Router.”

Once all the cables are plugged in and the router is switched on, wait until the ADSL light (see front panel) stops flashing.


Open your internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Internet Explorer)

Type the router’s IP address in the URL address bar (e.g.,

The username and password can be found in your router manual (try using ‘admin’ as the username and password if you’re not sure).

Set ‘Encapsulation’ to “PPPoE LLC” or “PPP over Ethernet”

Under ATM use the following

VPI: 8

VCI: 35

MTU: 1492

Your username and password will be your Webafrica ADSL account details.

The rest of the options you can leave as default. Save the settings to the router.

Note: Don’t forget to save the settings to memory. Many Routers require you to “Save settings and reboot”.

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