Further to our recent communication regarding the end of Cell C's LTE services, we've put together a nifty article around what to expect next.

If you have received an SMS with a link to this article then you have probably already had your new Telkom LTE SIM card.

For now - there is nothing you need to do.

Simply put it in a safe place for now.

Your Cell C SIM card will continue to work in your router until the end of October unless we specifically email you to make the switch earlier.

Your Telkom LTE SIM card will start working on the morning of 1 November (100GB and 200GB packages) and 1 January 2020 (20GB and 50GB packages) - unless we specifically email you to make the switch earlier.

We will send you an email and an SMS to let you know when to remove your Cell C SIM card and insert your new Telkom LTE SIM card in its place. 

How to switch SIM cards:

  • Turn your router off.
  • Turn it upside down and find the SIM slot.
  • Open the SIM slot and remove the SIM.
  • Place the Telkom LTE SIM into the router.
  • Close the SIM slot cover.
  • Turn your router back on.
  • It will take a few minutes for all the lights on your router to stop flashing and your internet to turn on.

For more details on how to personalize your LTE router settings, please see our free, downloadable PDF router guide attached below. 

For more information on the end of Cell C - please see this article

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