Everything you need to know about the end of your Cell C LTE services

First, the bad news: Cell C has unilaterally decided to terminate its fixed LTE internet access to all customers across all ISPs, Webafrica included. They have notified us that if customers have not moved to another service by 30 November 2019, they will be without internet access, as their service will be terminated on that date.

How will I know what to do?

All affected customers will be notified by Email and SMS, so please keep an eye open for communication from our team. 

What is Webafrica going to do for me?

It all depends on where you live, and what we have available at your address. There are five main scenarios (please note will receive a unique email, depending on which scenario you fall into).

1. You Live in a Telkom Fixed LTE area

Webafrica will send you a Telkom Fixed LTE SIM Card (free of charge) before the end of October.

We will move you to the equivalent package that is closest in size (data) to your current service. 

What you need to do now: 

  • Wait for the courier to SMS you that your new SIM is ready to be delivered to you.

  • Confirm your delivery details with the courier via the link in their SMS.

  • This SIM delivery will be FREE

  • Have your proof of ID with you when they deliver your SIM. Your name and ID number must match the waybill for them to be allowed to hand the SIM over to you.

Must I pay for the SIM courier?

  • No, it is on us.    

Do I need to RICA my new Telkom Fixed LTE service?

  • You only need to have a copy of your ID document ready to hand over to the courier on delivery of your SIM.

  • Your name and ID number on your ID document MUST match the name and ID on the waybill - so make sure your details are up to date in your customer zone as soon as possible. 

What must I do when I receive my SIM?

  • Put it in a safe place! That’s all for now.

When will my new Telkom SIM start working?                

  • Either on 1 November 2019, or sooner if we SMS/email you to tell you so.                 

When should I switch my SIM from Cell C to Telkom?        

  • On 1 November 2019, or sooner if we SMS/email you to do so. 

What must I do with my old SIM after 31 October?

  • Discard it. It has been deactivated and won’t work again. 

What must I do if the new SIM doesn't work?        

If it’s before 1 November: 

  • Wait. Your new service will activate on 1 November 2019

If it’s after 1 November: 

  • Turn your router off and back on again

  • Make sure the SIM is inserted correctly                

  • If it still doesn't work please contact our support team on our Whatsapp line: +27 21 464 9500

It’s the end of October and I haven’t received my new SIM yet

  • In the unlikely event that you don’t receive your new SIM in time, please contact our provisioning department and we'll send out an SMS ASAP.

What if I Want a Different Package? 

You are welcome to choose a different package. Simply log into your Customer Zone before 21 October 2019 and select the package you would like through our No Fuss, Switch-A-Roochanging tech service

If you do choose a different package - you will be billed for the new service pro-rata from the time of activation.

2. You Live in a Fibre & LTE area

If you live in a Fibre area, but you can also get Telkom Fixed LTE - we will automatically move you to a Telkom Fixed LTE service as above.

This is part of our effort to keep our customers as closely aligned to their current packages as possible. 

If you would prefer to switch to Fibre you can follow the No Fuss Switch-A-Roo process. You need to do this before 21 October to avoid having the Telkom SIM automatically sent to you. 

3. You Live in a Fibre only area

If you live in a Fibre area and can’t get Telkom LTE you will need to visit your customer zone before the end of October and choose a Fibre service in the “No Fuss Switch-A-Roos” section on your dashboard.

4. You Live in an area that only offers ADSL

Simply log into your customer zone and use our No Fuss Switch-A-Roo process to switch over.

5. You Live in an area where neither Fibre nor Telkom LTE is available

The first thing you need to do is visit your customer zone and ensure that the address we have on record for you is correct. Simply click the ''Update it here'' button and add in your new address.

General FAQs:

Are all ISPs affected?

  • Yes. All ISPs who currently provide Cell C services will be affected.         

Will I be double billed?                

  • No, your first invoice for the new service will be generated when we activate your new Telkom SIM (remember we bill in advance) and covers the service period from 1 to 30 November. 
  • Your last invoice for the Cell C service was generated on the 24th of Sep and covers the service period from 1 October to 31 October.
  • If you do choose a different package to the one we have allocated to you - you will be billed for the new service pro-rata from the time of activation.

Do I need to buy a new router?

  • If you are switching to Telkom Fixed LTE you will simply need to swap the SMS cards (See below).
  • If you are switching to Fibre, we will send you a free-to-use Fibre router as soon as your Fibre line is active. If you have one of our premium, LTE routers you need to pack it  up, along with any cables that came with it, and send it to Webafrica, Block E, Boulevard Office Park, Zonnenbloem, 7920. OR Webafrica, 70 Grayston drive, Sandton, 2031.

Can I rather sign up directly with Cell C?    

Yes you can, however pricing for Cell C fixed LTE has increased dramatically and it will  be far more expensive than the various deals we have negotiated for our Cell C switch customers. Cell C will also tie you into a 24 month contract, whereas Webafrica operates month-to-month.

Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.

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