Openserve has announced the discontinuation of all copper network infrastructures in areas where Openserve Fibre is available. These are the lines which support ADSL and landline telephones. This means that ADSL users will soon need to choose a new internet connection. The alternatives are Fibre and Fixed LTE - both of which are superior services to ADSL.

Switch from ADSL to Fibre: Everything you need to know

If you are a Webafrica customer, you can find more details on how to switch here using our No-Fuss-Switch-A-Roos changing tech service.

How do I move from ADSL to Fibre?

First, ensure that you are in a Fibre-ready area. You can do this by checking our Fibre map. If you are in a fibre-ready area, you can go ahead and order your fibre service with us. We will arrange the installation with the relevant service provider. (This will be whichever provider is currently live in your area. If there is more than one service provider in your area we will let you know what your options are but, ultimately, the choice is yours).

What is switching to Fibre going to cost?

Once-off costs include An installation/connection and delivery fee. See more here.

Do I need to buy a new router for Fibre?

No. You do need a new router, but you don't have to pay for it. Webafrica will provide you with a free-to-use, fully-insured router for as long as you’re with us. If you cancel your Webafrica service you can just send it back to us together with all the cables and accessories.

What Fibre line speed should I choose?

We recommend taking at least a 10Mbps uncapped Fibre line if you're planning on using your internet to stream or make VoIP calls. 

Take a look at our handy Fibre line guide: 

Can I keep my landline number?

Sure you can, but remember, you don't need a Telkom landline for Fibre. If a voice is important to you, we can help you port your existing Telkom landline number to Webafrica’s VoIP service at no additional cost to you. (you can either keep your Telkom number or use a 087 number that's unique to you). What's more, is that all our Fibre packages come with 30 minutes per month of free VoIP calls. If you need more than 30 minutes of talk time per month you can also upgrade to a bigger VoIP package. 

How long will it take to switch to Fibre?

Our different providers have different lead times. Most are between 7-14 days, but please see our Fibre page for more details on the providers and their installation times in your area. 

How long will it take to connect to Fibre?

The installation time varies from provider to provider. We might occasionally ask you to contact them, but we will guide you through this process. During the installation period, you will receive regular progress updates from our dedicated Fibre team. The moment you are up and running you can cancel your ADSL connection (this ensures that you won't be without a connection, whilst waiting on your Fibre services to be connected). 

Are there any contracts involved?

No. We don't do long, boring contracts. It's as simple as this: If you choose to cancel we need 1 calendar month's notice, and you must return your router together with all its cabling and accessories. That's it.

What if I move home?

Webafrica provides a convenient "moving home" service. We'll need to establish which providers operate within your new area and after that, we'll move your service to as close as possible to your current package, at your new address.  

I’ve just had my Fibre installed, what happens now?

Once your Fibre line is connected you can let us know that you are ready to receive your router. Webafrica will send it out to you pre-configured so that you simply have to plug it in. Delivery can take up to 2-5 business days.

What if I want to cancel my Fibre service?

You will need to give one calendar month's notice. If you received a free router or free installation/connection (offered by some of our Fibre providers) during one of our promotions, you will need to return the router to us and if you cancel within 12 months of joining us, pay for the provider's installation and connection fee.

Switch from ADSL to Fixed LTE: Everything you need to know

If you are a Webafrica customer, you can find more details on how to switch here.

What is switching to Fixed LTE going to cost me?

Not much. There is no set-up cost for LTE - only a once-off delivery fee.

Do I need to buy a new router?

If you opt for Fixed LTE, you will have to purchase your own router (unless you receive a free-to-use one from us during a promotion, in which case you will need to return it should you cancel).

How long will it take to switch?

LTE orders are delivered within 3-5 business days from the time that you complete your order. You must RICA successfully to complete your order. 

What do I need to RICA?

You need to submit a copy of your ID and your proof of residence. The proof of residence you use must match the address you used to sign up for this service (i.e. the address on your account) or it won't be accepted by RICA. You may choose a different delivery address if you need to.

What package should I choose?

We recommend taking at least a 130GB/month LTE package if you are planning on using your internet to stream. 

Can I keep my landline number?

Yes. If you want to, but you don't need to have a landline for LTE. Alternatively, you can choose to port your existing landline number to our Webafrica's VoIP service; alternatively use an 087 unique to you. 

Are there any contracts involved?

No. We don't do long, boring contracts. It's as simple as this: If you choose to cancel we need one calendar month's notice, and you'll need to return your router to us (if you received a free-to-use one and didn't already purchase it from us). That's it.

What if I move home?

Telkom LTE is not fixed to a line, so if you move to another LTE live area, all you need to do is take your router with you, plug it in, and you're all set. If you have MTN LTE you will need to request a change of address as MTN SIM's are location locked. If you move to an area without LTE you will need to use our convenient "Moving Home" service to switch to another service.

What if there are no alternative internet access options in my area yet?

We expect the ADSL decommission to be rolled out by Telkom in stages. As such, they are expected to only turn areas off as other connection types become available.

Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.