Fibre Q&A

Q: Why is Fibre better than ADSL?

Fibre, or Fibre Optics, literally harnesses the speed of light by transferring data through means of glass cabling. This makes it the fastest and most reliable form of internet connectivity currently available.

  • This technology offers several benefits, such as clarity and reliability in data transfer. One of the reasons for this is that glass cannot conduct electricity, so electrical storms, for instance, will cause less interference on the lines.
  • Data can travel up to 50 km to/from an exchange before any form of degradation in speed takes place! So it does not matter how far you are from your exchange.
  • Fibre cabling itself is similar in price to the copper used for ADSL, but much easier to maintain.
  • You do not need a landline to access the internet with Fibre.
  • And the best part about Fibre is that new ways might be found to transmit light data even faster without the infrastructure becoming redundant.
  • There are capped and uncapped options being rolled out as you read.

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Q: What’s the process of signing up for Fibre or to move from ADSL to Fibre? All you need to do is to just sign up with us, once this is done, we will then arrange the installation with the relevant provider. It’s as simple as that. As much as we would LOVE to connect you immediately, the timeframes for a fibre installation varies from provider to provider. From time to time, we might need you to contact the provider as well however we will gladly guide you through this process and intervene should you encounter any issues. During this time, you will receive updates from our dedicated fibre team re the progress of the installation. Once your fibre service is active and working, let us know so that we can cancel your ADSL service immediately. If you wish to cancel your landline as well, you can do so by contacting Telkom on 10210.


Q: I’ve just had my Fibre installed, what happens now? WebAfrica will arrange for a technician to come out to your premises and test that the service is working. This can take up to 48 hours. You will be contacted during this time for an appointment to be arranged. If your area is out of reach for our technician, WebAfrica will arrange for the router to be set up and tested at our offices. Once we are confident that the router will work, we will send it out to you for delivery, this can take up to 3 working days. Once you receive the router, please contact us so our dedicated Fibre team can help you get connected.

Q: What are the expected timeframes for a Fibre installation? We will absolutely try to get you up and running as quickly as possible. However timeframes can vary as we work with various providers and due to the complexities involved with getting fibre installed, such as laying cables and contracting builders, it can take up to 2 months. During this time, you will receive feedback from our fibre team as to where you are in the installation process.

Q: Unable to connect and the router light is orange, what does that mean? (Difference between blue and orange light) The router light indicates that there might be a fault on the line. When did the router light change colour? Have you tried powering it on and off, connecting to another device? If the issue persists, contact WebAfrica and we will assist you further.

Q: What is the cost of cancelling my fibre service? For all providers, if a customer cancels their service we do require one full calendar month notice and also if the customer cancels they will be invoiced by us.

  • Fibrehoods/Vumatel – R999
  • Frogfoot – R1710
  • Maboneng – R1710
  • Mitsol – R1710
  • Octotel – R1710
  • Openserve – R2280
  • Teralink – None
  • SADV – R1710

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