These steps will be the same regardless of your router's make and model.

If you have a Webafrica router, you can find an easy setup guide here:

If you have a router which we don't carry, please see the below guide on how to set up just about any router.

1. Reset the Router

If you have a router that has been used before you'll need to reset the router to it's default settings.

With the Router powered on, press and hold the WPS/RESET button (more than 10 seconds) until the LED light starts to flash quickly (normally a slow flash). 

Then release the button and wait for the Router to reboot to its factory default settings.

2. Finding the Router's IP Address

How to navigate to the IP address of the device itself. 

2.1 If you don’t know the IP of the router you can connect your laptop or PC to the router with a LAN cable.

2.2 Hold the Windows key and the "R" key to open the Command Prompt box. 

2.3 Type in "cmd" and hit Enter. 

The following window will open: 

Next, you will need to type in “ipconfig” and hit the Enter key on the keyboard. You are looking for the IP address that is in line with Default Gateway as this should be the routers IP address.

So from the above, we can see the routers IP address is

3. Router Set-Up 

Open your browser and type the IP address you just found (above) into your URL bar. 

The default username and password is admin/admin.

You can pretty much ignore this first page that opens. Hit the Next button.

In most cases, you will select PPPoE.

The next page will require your username and password provided by Webafrica. This is your internet Username and Password.

Next, you will need to select which wireless band you want to be enabled.  Click "Next". 

Configuring both your wireless SSIDs (Wifi Name) and passwords on the next two pages. Hit "Next". 

You'll see a screen asking if you want to save the configurations you have just set. You can hit the Save button and you should be good to go.

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