Unable to Make Calls

Not being able to make outgoing calls usually indicates that you have run out of airtime, have you had a look on our VoIP Interface to see if you have credit remaining?

If you have run out of credit (have zero remaining monthly and top-up airtime), you'll need to top-up your account in order to continue making calls.

How to Top-Up

1. Click on the Top-Up button

2. Select the amount you wish to Top-Up with and then click the Purchase Top-Up button

3. You'll be asked to confirm the Top-Up amount, click Confirm Purchase and you're done!

If however you are unable to make calls and you already have credit remaining, have you checked your device to ensure that it is currently connected to our VoIP network?

Please take a look at our VoIP Troubleshooting Guide to help you go through any common problems that may cause this.

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