Cancellations must be requested via the Customer Zone

  1. Login to the Customer Zone
  2. On the top toolbar, click on My Services and the relevant service group (Internet Access, VoIP, Other)
  3. Go to the specific service you wish to cancel
  4. Click Cancel My Services 
  5. Select Request Cancellation


Please note that by default we require one full calendar month’s notification for all service cancellations. If you do not provide this notice, you will be charged the rate stipulated on the relevant product page for the next renewal term. To illustrate, for non-renewal to be effected at the end of May, a notice of non-renewal must be received on or before the last day of April.

For any further queries, please call us on 0860 009 500 or e-mail us at

Please note: All Webafrica deals and packages are subject to change without notification. These include our terms and conditions as it relates to costs and deal/package structures for all of our service providers.

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